AWGS Annual Meeting, San Antonio Texas, The Menger Hotel

By Argown Media

Just got back from a very productive training with industry professionals in San Antonio. We had a good attendance, with wedding gown specialists from Australia, Canada and all over north America. Which is great for us in Arkansas as we get to learn about all the ways we can improve both our service and our process.

I’ve decided that we at AGS need to go every year to make sure we are up to standard with the Association. Do we give utmost customer service, are our CSRs attentive to our bride’s needs and wants? Are we able to provide the services that brides wish for?

And more importantly, are we following the Association’s detailed process when preserving the gown so that the couple’s next generation get to enjoy the gown as well? YES to all, i say! 🙂 This is our mark of guarantee: that when you take your gown to us, we will take care of it because you have entrusted us with your family heirloom. That your preserved gown will look the way it did years from now.

That you will get the “white glove” service you have gotten from the Arkansas Gown Specialists anywhere you go where there is an Association of Wedding Gown Specialists member. Whatever the reason, know that AGS, with the support of the Association, will take care of your memory…which is priceless.