After Your Big Day, Leave It To The Professionals

wedding gown restoration event bride groom argown arkansasYou may think you’ve come through unscathed and kept your dress clean, but there is a big chance that there are some hidden stains on that dress. Any champagne or white wine spillages will appear clear for a while, but over time the sugars in these drinks will caramelize and darken and spoil your dress.

These stains are difficult for even dry cleaners to remove, so be sure to have your dress cleaned as soon as possible after the wedding, regardless of how spotless it may appear.

Designate somebody – your mom, your bridesmaid, or call us even before the wedding – to make arrangements to have your gown picked up or taken to us to get cleaned so you would not have to worry about it on your way to your honeymoon! One thing off your checklist!

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